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Follow Up

It surprises me how few people care to follow up. I try to make it a point to network with people and more importantly, learn from them. So if I get someone’s contact information, I usually shoot them a short message expressing my gratitude. If I work with a customer, I will send them an […]

Moving Forward

Another takeaway from the CATFOA event last night was marketing as a service. This is a pretty straight forward concept with such examples as Zappos making it priority to treat their customers incredibly well regardless of the situation. Because these kinds of companies choose to be remarkable with their products and the services that surround […]

To the Power of Suck?

OK that was a CATFOA takeaway from tonight. But I did want to point out that my writing isn’t near as descriptive or rhythmical as I’d like. It’s actually been hard. Finding the time is something I figured would be easier to do being that I have little to no life. So it feels as […]

CATFOA Part Deux

Actually, this was the fifth and tentatively final installment of the CATFOA events. I was just clued in a bit late and so I’ve only saw the last few. Both fun and worth while. Tim says that there may well be additional events, so keep your fingers crossed. The subject of tonight’s fun was none […]

Your Money = Your Vote

I grew up listening to mostly punk music. One of my favorite bands then was Propagandhi. These guys are from Canada and have some pretty intense thoughts on the state of affairs today. If I had to sum up their ideals, the most concise word would be humanitarianism. They really were very forward thinking. And […]

Green with envy? So green as to be jaded?

I’m jaded. Toward a lot of things, but especially marketing. The way that we can treat people can be shabby; and I’d like to see that change. So a lot of things that I see done I’m not a big fan of. Spam is number one. I hate spam. But there are a few other […]

It's only a matter of time before the world bends to my will. Long headline? Maybe.

Joy! I have been ranked on Technorati. Yep. Officially ranked number 5,137,428. Got to start somewhere I guess. I’m making April 26th my official day to look at blog progression (it’s an easy day for me to remember). For the record, it really doesn’t matter if this blog is ranked high or at all, just […]

What Is Reality? Perception.

In marketing, it’s somewhat common to hear the term “perception is reality.” There is a good reason for this. It’s true. When someone comes into your store, buys your product, receives a service call, calls your phone operating system, sends you an email or checks out your web page (amongst a thousand other dalliances) what […]

I Failed. Thank God.

Failure. Pretty big word to most people. A word which will hold back some people from ever even trying to achieve anything worth a damn. Failure is what holds most of us back from trying almost everything that could be valuable to us. And it seems like we become good at following the same patterns […]

Definitively Speaking

The norm for my posts is to detail things that the reader may not be completely familiar with through a Wikipedia citation. It’s fast, it’s easy, and good enough for most situations. I probably need to do a more thorough explanation of Wikis and what I know about the process, but I can tell you […]

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