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Crucial Conversations

It’s been a while since reviewing a book here.  One of the most truly difficult things to do is honest expression of what you’re attempting to communicate.  Most of my life I’ve realized that it was relatively easy to honestly express yourself in monologue, but in communication with others things get murky.  Have you ever […]

Let’s Just Get It Done

If I were starting a company, I’d probably opt for enthusiastic self starters who have a proven track record of getting objectives accomplished.  Financial goals are always important, but often times, a person within a company doesn’t necessarily have direct control over a revenue goal, a cost controlling scheme or a like matter.  Now, I’ve […]

Do Yourself a Favor, Take Charge of a Situation While You Can

A lot of people have aversion to new tasks (well, any kind of change, but especially change with new responsibility.)  That aversion becomes infective around groups.  So when someone asks if “does anyone want to fill the water cooler quick?”  or “Would you mind taking a trip to Raleigh for two days to work with […]

Commentary & Voices

When you consider writers, there are some very distinct types.  There are fiction writers, who openly acknowledge that what they say is falsehood and imagination.  They embrace that and let people know.  When you consider nonfiction writers, it opens up a lot of different avenues for interpretation.  “Nonfiction” as a genre is supposed to be […]


Politics is a weak point for me. I’m up front with what I think and why almost all the time, which isn’t necessarily the best practice. Politics is an art form and means a lot of things to a lot of people. For all reasons here, politics refers to working with people and forming consent. […]

Business Formation Speaker: When is Smart Too Smart?

Likely my best class of the year (with Pricing closely afterward) Business Formation has really offered a lot of great advice for starting a business or just analyzing the potential of a business.  We’ve seen multiple CEO’s running hundred million dollar businesses and heard their stories.  Personally, I’m not as interested in how big their […]

Ideas and Excitement

My favorite type of coworkers are the ones that have ideas and get excited about them.  They also get excited about things that aren’t their own.  Do you get excited about new ideas?  Do you know people that do?  What do you think about them and how are they percieved in your organization?  A lot […]

The Power of Your Face (Active Listening)

And I’m not talking about MYFACE or social networking.  I’m referring to the power of nonverbal communications and specifically facial expressions.  Recently, a couple times people have misconstrued the facial expressions I was wearing as a reflection on what they were saying or doing, negatively.  A normal reaction I suppose, being that this is a […]

The Importance of Energy

Much like my Times post the other day, this will sound a little silly.  Energy doesn’t get a lot of attention from people in most instances.  In sports it’s definitely important, but in other places like business and school it isn’t necessarily talked about a lot.  It’s an intangible trait that most people don’t exude […]

Brain Lock

The last few days of break have seen me trying to prepare for interviews and basically chilling out.  During that time, I’d assume my mind would be running amuck with thoughts on all kinds of topics, but not much has really been coming.  Which is incredibly odd given that while I’m working, there is a […]

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