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Garden Rebuild Underway

Yesterday was my day for toil in the sun while tearing down the existing garden and beginning the rebuild.  The project is roughly half done at this point with a lot more to do–I’m sore as my day job doesn’t lend itself to the physical rigor part of such activities.  Went through two full batteries […]

Spring Cleaning

We had zero plans this weekend, which was fantastic as last weekend was an “ass kicker” of momentous proportions.  So faced with hours of open time and no plans, we got busy cleaning out the house.  We dropped off a HUGE amount of excess clothing and other stuff at Goodwill Easter Seals (who I’ve done […]

Anti-Consumerism versus Parenthood: An Internal Debate

Tempo will be arriving in a little less than three months now.  Real preparation has begun.  We secured day care at a very close in home residence.  Teresa has read up on pregnancy and parenthood throughout the last six months and is far more prepared than us. Yesterday we went and registered for some supplies. […]

Long Term Goals Continued

A few posts back I brought up the idea of long term goals juxtaposed against short term annual goals.  I’ve thought a little more about this and have bucketed out some of the different things Teresa and I are working toward. The big goal is to lead a happy, enlightened existence filled with family and […]

Hard Wood Flooring Project

When the tax man came in 2015, he was kind.  So we have a small amount of extra cash to use toward a vacation or something else.  After discussion, we decided against a getaway and are going to put it toward some home improvement in the form of hardwood flooring upstairs. Last night we went […]

Resolutions for 2014

At the start of every year I like to set goals and reflect on what was accomplished.  Here’s what I had set as an objective last year: 1.  Buy a House. It’s time for Teresa and I to get a permanent address in South Minneapolis (hopefully.)  We will start the formal process of getting a […]

The Last Month

The last month has flown by.  Buying a house entails a lot of work and alterations, with no end in sight. Generally speaking, my days look something like this:  Wake up around 5am, do exercises, take Stella outside, eat greek yogurt, go online to see NBA scores and pay bills or take care of emails, […]

We Bought A House…And Moved In This Week

It’s been pretty slow on the blog for most of the month, mostly due to a California trip for work and the fact that we finally purchased a home (walk throughs closing, moving, settling, etc.)We now live in the suburb of Bloomington Minnesota on the West side.  We don’t know a whole lot about the […]

House Hunting: Coming to a Close?

We’ve been looking at houses the last few weeks and I think found a house that will fit our needs.  It’s in West Bloomington.  I truly LOVE Minneapolis, but the housing situation here is pretty difficult at this junction.  The supply is pretty far out of whack with the demand, there’s not near enough of […]

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