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Mobile Computing

It’s been a long time now that I’ve expected mobile computing to take over the desktop computing platforms.  There’s always going to be a desktop platform (or at least some version of it) as it’s so helpful to have large screens for analyzing data.  I use two wide screens at work, usually have multiple Excel […]

Video Services

Well after many years of considering it, Teresa and I finally signed up for Amazon Prime. The main lever for this was the need for recurring purchases of diapers, which you actually save $10 on compared to purchasing at brick and morter. The subscription pays for itself in diapers if you have a young child, […]

The Inevitable Evolution of Cable Television

I’ve written about this a good amount in the past, but am fascinated by the evolution of cable in the US.  Truth be told, I’m always curious about all things sociology and understanding why and how people consume information.  As Annie Dillard put it so eloquently: how we spend our days is, of course, how […]

Birthday Marketing

Today sent me an email saying happy birthday.  Out of all the sites I’ve given my information, is probably one of the least engaging.  Unfortunately, their customer service was terrible when I called in to cancel service due to blackouts.  However, the fact that they sent me an email saying happy birthday actually […]

Emoji And A Movement From Written Communication

My iPad recently updated with a new keyboard which contains tens of emoji.  More and more, you see emoji used in place of text, much in the way that emoticons were used in place of text in the last few decades.  This seems like a logical next step, but it does open up questions about […]

Twitch and Interactive Direction

For the last two years, my primary entertainment source has been gaming.  I’m a casual.  I’ve got some friends that are more core.  I don’t know a lot of hardcore gamers.  Television, outside of sports, isn’t all that interesting to me in the traditional sense–however Teresa and I will binge on good series such as […]

Communication Is Changing Before Our Eyes

In the past decade of exponential human change, we’ve seen the internet consolidate and disperse the vast majority of human knowledge on a scale previously unbeknownst as a possibility.  How we found and shared information has been irrevocably altered, for the better IMO. The changes are everywhere.  Everything you do and use now is getting […]

Facebook: A Digital Conglomerate?

Yesterday, Fred Wilson had an interesting post on some 2015 predictions.  I’ve read his blog for many years and he is always offering interesting thoughts on software, engineering, venture capital and tech as a whole. He wrote a few things of interest to me yesterday.  Here is the article quote: 6/ Capital markets will be […]

Sick and Tired of Passwords

It’s been happening for over a decade.  Sites of all kinds want you to have a password for their content, or your account. At home, I have many passwords for many sites.  Most of them I don’t remember because my browser does the work for me. At work, I have far more.  I happen to […]

Privacy Online? Doubtful.

Anyone engaged in social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and similar orgs already have a huge portion of their lives online.  Anyone using a phone that has a GPS can be tracked physically, probably most anywhere on the planet.  Anyone, like myself, that blogs and puts opinions on the internet can be seriously reviewed and […]

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