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Communication Is Changing Before Our Eyes

In the past decade of exponential human change, we’ve seen the internet consolidate and disperse the vast majority of human knowledge on a scale previously unbeknownst as a possibility.  How we found and shared information has been irrevocably altered, for the better IMO.
The changes are everywhere.  Everything you do and use now is getting closer [...]

Facebook: A Digital Conglomerate?

Yesterday, Fred Wilson had an interesting post on some 2015 predictions.  I’ve read his blog for many years and he is always offering interesting thoughts on software, engineering, venture capital and tech as a whole.
He wrote a few things of interest to me yesterday.  Here is the article quote:
6/ Capital markets will be a mixed [...]

Sick and Tired of Passwords

It’s been happening for over a decade.  Sites of all kinds want you to have a password for their content, or your account.
At home, I have many passwords for many sites.  Most of them I don’t remember because my browser does the work for me.
At work, I have far more.  I happen to work in [...]

Privacy Online? Doubtful.

Anyone engaged in social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and similar orgs already have a huge portion of their lives online.  Anyone using a phone that has a GPS can be tracked physically, probably most anywhere on the planet.  Anyone, like myself, that blogs and puts opinions on the internet can be seriously reviewed and [...]

Going Mobile — Quickly

Sometime in the last few months, a change has happened.
I have an iMac downstairs in my house with an office chair.  In the past few years this has been the area where I went for home computing.  My needs for computing are pretty sparse, browsing the internet and using some social networking, blogging and a [...]

Digital Trends for 2012

As the year winds down, two reports I read recently were Mary Meeker’s latest look at the web and Henry Blodget’s (et. al) break down of the digital economy.
Both of value if you are looking forward to where new media and content consumption are going.  They will take some time to get through, but are [...]

It’s Just the Internet: Part II

I was reading this post from Seth Godin (who I still read religiously) today and it hit me, something I’ve thought about before, it’s just the internet.  His post is talking about how habits have changed.The centralization of information and news and all other things magically digital mean that finding things to be interested in, [...]

Coming Around to QR Codes?

Since their inception, or at least main stream marketing popularity, I’ve been pretty “meh” on QR codes.  They certainly seemed like a good idea:  why not give people a chance to visit a site or see some media without actually having to navigate to it?  Yet the logistics of pulling out your smart phone, which [...]

Pixel Tigers

The internet was becoming prevalent when I was in high school.  It’s been around longer than that, but in the last ten years has grown exponentially:

By all rights, this is going to drastically alter the knowledge gap for the entire world, given enough time.  It will also provide a platform for all kinds of voices [...]

Adolescence in Social Media

I’m beginning to think we are in the adolescent stages of “social media” like Facebook and Twitter.  It seems that these services (more so FB) have reached critical mass and peaked, at least in the States.  Now the search for serious innovation and value take over.  You’ll see a lot more new services from the [...]

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