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A Quick Low Down

Since it’s been near six months from our last posts, it’s probably a good time to recap what’s been happening lately. Probably best to start with work.  Mortenson continues to be an excellent place to spend my working hours, and the solar industry is an absolute joy.  I oversee the marketing for our operating group, […]

Economic Stimulation of Scientific Research

During a very good documentary called Particle Fever on the Higgs boson particle during an explanatory speech by one of the subjects of the movie, an economist asks a question, paraphrased: “What is the economic growth impact of this study?” This is an extremely important question.  But it’s important to different people for different reasons. […]

Overview the Movie

Just finished watching Overview, which is a movie about the compelling effect of seeing Earth from space. Watch it!

“Surely You’re Joking Mr. Feynman!” Book Review

I like to read quite a bit, but I often get caught up reading only about business or things of that nature.  Reading other materials is important and business is truly only one small part of my interests.  Education, sports, science and classic literature also interest me greatly.  So over the holidays I decided to […]

Guns, Germs and Steel

You have likely already heard of this book, if not read it.  In 1997 it was incredibly popular and by some hailed as Darwinian in its ramifications for human history.  Jared Diamond wrote it, and it’s essentially an exposition on why human societies have formed and developed throughout modern history. The most common thought processes […]

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