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Time to Get Back to Conversational

I haven’t written a lot lately, and part of that is due to the idea of writing more in depth and “professional” posts.  Of course, that’s antithetical in nature to why this site was built and what it’s supposed to be for.  This is not a professional site and it’s not supposed to be, so […]

Taking the Summer Off

For whatever reason, I haven’t found the time to write all summer.  Tons of stuff going on and just trying to keep up with all the work around the house and travel with the new role at work. So I decided to take a break.  Not sure when I’ll be back, but likely in the […]

Getting Older with Fewer Interests?

Since basketball has ended and my beloved Timberwolves retired to their dens to lick reopened wounds, I’ve been mulling about the apartment with less to do.  It struck me the other day that my habits have changed a great deal. My youthful pursuits included wakeboarding and tubing, basketball, videogames, ladies, kicking it with friends, frisbee […]

Posting Video in WordPress Is a Pain

Embedding video into this site needs to be done in HTML.  It’s not an issue on it’s own, but every time you update a post for a typo or other alteration, the embedding disappears. Frustrating.

Computer Up And Running, So….

What should I be using it for?  It struck me pretty odd that when my hard drive crashed I didn’t have anything really significant other than pictures.  I’d taken a few trips (Seoul, New Zealand, Mexico) over the years and it would be nice to keep those, but beyond that the only thing that legitimately […]


I should do it.

Ads on the Old Redmarketer Site

Yesterday while searching for some of my old Facebook posts where I was considering leaving the site and eventually did, it became apparent that each of my old posts has had an advertising area added to it! I previously never used ads, and still don’t here, due to the fact that this site isn’t for […]

The Content is the Promotion

I’ve been disliking how much marketers are talking about content lately.  It’s waaaay too much, because nothing really changed from the year before EXCEPT using the word content a lot.  It’s like “engagement” a few years back.  The masses go crazy about a term that means the same thing it always had and it just […]

Should I Nix the Comments on this Blog?

I see a lot of bloggers without comments sections now.  I am considering getting rid of comments for a few reasons. First off, people don’t really comment here all that often.  I haven’t really tracked my traffic for sometime, but when I last did it was around 30 hits a day.  Definitely nothing earth shattering, […]

Front Page of GOOGLE? Whoa! :)

In that last post about the dearth of good blogs around the area, it got me thinking about how to find good content locally about things I’m interested in. So I typed in “Marketing Minneapolis” into Google…and there I am! Wow. When I first started this blog (April of 2008) I was nowhere near the […]

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