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The Importance of Self Reliance (Why DIY?)

Back in undergrad, I spent a lot of time reading Thoreau and Emerson.  Emerson’s essays meant a lot to me and Self Reliance was a very important text at that time.  And it still is.  Self reliance is about self understanding and owning your present and future.  The world is filled with people who will […]

Business and “Being the Best”

I saw an article on poets and quants (I’ll cover my take on “poets” and “quants” later) about black and white pictures and essays from Harvard Business School students.  It was really good, and it made me want to write.  The truth is that if I’d never gone into business, I would have been a […]

Reverse Mortgaging the US: Education in the States

This morning, I woke up and saw that a city North of where I live, North Branch, had instilled a four day school week.  This is actually old news, but it had been past me for some time.  I quickly went on a rant on Twitter about how messed up our system is when cost […]

Account Deleted…Time To Graduate!

Facebook profile has been eradicated.  Updates about my life and endless conjecture will now be found here; smaller stuff will be on Twitter.  I hadn’t clicked on the RSS link in a while, but for some reason it doesn’t work in Chrome (ironic) and does work in Firefox.  So if you do subscribe, use Firefox, […]

Congrats to Medtronic Case Competition Winners!

The first round of the Medtronic Case Competition is over.  That’s good news for me as the work load lightens a bit, but also good news for three groups of interdisciplinary students and Medtronic.  I sat in on the majority of the presentations and have to say that the quality of students across the gamut […]

Goings Ons: Medtronic Case Competition, etc.

It is ridiculoid busy right now.  I’m not sure what happened, but the firs two months of this semester have had as many, if not more, papers than the previous three semesters combined!  It’s a lot to handle, and finding time to get them done has truly been difficult.  It’s mostly based on the fact […]

Ethical Concerns of Wall Street (PBS Video)

The last few weeks I’ve spent a lot of time over the last few weeks learning about Wall Street and Investment Banking. I’m in the midst of an ethnography book on Wall Street (which I’ll review whenever I finish) and have an ethics class that has had a few discussions turned to capital investment.  What’s […]

Back to Work!

In many ways, it seems as if school is already over.  Classmates are scattered about in their own directions, focused on acquiring a job or pet projects, deep down their paths.  The school is now belonging to the first year MBA class, who take the reins on many organizations, projects and the overall school.  They […]

School Starts & Current Events

I’ve been very busy with school as the semester starts.  I have three night classes (that’s a lot) and they are all centered on the medical industry, which has been interesting as of yet, but will assuredly be a lot of work.  My day classes are ethics and anthropology; the latter is already proving a […]

It Feels SO GOOD To Be Home

I have a few days before school starts and am relaxing.  Jet lag is at a low and most everything has already been taken care of.  Going to the supermarket and buying normal food for actual meals has been enjoyable and so is seeing friends again.  The best part has to be sleeping in my […]

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