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Sleeping Patterns

Recently I’ve been purposefully altering my sleeping pattern to stay up another hour.  In the past year or so I’d been sleeping at least 8 hours and often times 8.5 or even 9 hours. According to the National Sleep Foundation, an adult needs anywhere from 7-9 hour of sleep every night.  That seems reasonable.  Anything […]

The Year is Flying By

Just woke up and it’s December. Teresa and I have been trying to finish most of the decorating for the house now, a bit late as we closed in late April.  One thing you’ll learn if you haven’t bought a house is that getting things set up the way you want them invariably is dictated […]

Aging Altogether Quickly — Turning 30

A week ago, I hit my thirtieth birthday. Honestly, that’s a pretty significant milestone.  I’m not one to pay much reverence to 1/365 days in a year, but three decades worth of living deserves some retrospection. The first ten years of life are really a blur.  You don’t actually start forming memories until roughly five […]

Overview the Movie

Just finished watching Overview, which is a movie about the compelling effect of seeing Earth from space. Watch it!

Elections Mean More Today

Today, President Barack Obama won back his presidency.  I voted for Barack.  There are certainly areas he could have done a better job in his first four years, but to me it seems obvious that the ability to accomplish tasks politically was and is much more difficult due to a hostile Republican party.  It seems […]

Keeping Busy

I’ve fallen a bit from the grind in terms of getting thoughts down. Work has been keeping me busy, and outside of that other pursuits a bit more interesting. Here’s what I’ve been spending time on as of late: -Finance Lots of reading on securities. I’m still in the mode of paying of school loans, […]

Wedding Pics

Our wedding pictures are from Josh Soper.  We have roughly 1,300 total pictures from the day and they are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.  I really can’t vouch enough for Josh, he was incredibly professional, hard working and simply blew us away.  If you are planning a wedding or photography for a special event, hire him.  You will […]


It still amazes me how quickly life has been going this last few years. During school, everything seemed a lot slower than now. Though at the time, it may have seemed very fast moving. Now, it’s hit warp speed. My role keeps me so occupied while at work, it’s difficult to stop and smell the […]

100 Friend Limits

Way back when, when I was on Facebook, I had a good amount of “friends” on the service, maybe 350-500.  I can’t recall the exact number, but it was a lot of people from High School, Undergraduate, Graduate, my various occupational peers and a few randoms as well. On Twitter I have followed 96 people […]

Honeymoon Destination: Costa Rica

Over the last week or so, I’ve been planning out a honeymoon for Teresa and I to Costa Rica.  Setting up travel in another country, in another language often, can be difficult.  Luckily, I’m passable at Spanish and have translation websites to help where my feeble skills deem inadequate.  Here’s the agenda: 1.  Direct flight […]

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