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Life Today

Life today is mostly focused on parenting and work.
And it’s a lot of fun, despite that sounding relatively mundane.
The truth is, as you get older, things slow down and get a little more predictable.
They need to.
So here’s a brief update:  new day care for Juni all is well there.  Work is very busy at this [...]

RIP Ralph – Lessons on Living

A good friend told me about a coworker at my last company who passed on.  His name was Ralph and I enjoyed his personality and working with him a good deal.  He was practical and knowledgeable about what he did.  He was sometime surly, but basically everyone in that business was and it was understandable. [...]

Bulleted Happenings

Quick one today–

Rebuilding the shed today in the same vein as the fence last year, should keep me busy most of the day.  Have to go buy some cedar posts and crossbeams, then install.
New iPhones ordered today for Teresa and I; definitely time to do so, my phone won’t charge and the home button is [...]

Time to Get Back to Work!

Well, it’s been a very nice two weeks of revitalization. This has been an odd time off, as at no point did I feel as though I was missing out at anything at work because of email and having time to catch up from home if needed.
A lot of people will frown on working [...]

Merry Xmas in 2014

Today is Christmas morn, a day that brings with it unity among the masses. Despite not being religious, there is still something very good about Christmas. People are kind and appreciative of what they have and often give back to those not as well off.
I personally am thankful today, for near innumerable blessings [...]

Lucid Dreaming – And Other Phenomenon

The other night, I had a lucid dream, which is essentially a dream where you are aware of the fact that what is happening is just a dream.
This alone is somewhat odd, as I seldom remember dreams much less realize during the happening that my mind is conjuring up the scene.  It has happened before, [...]

Resolutions for 2014

At the start of every year I like to set goals and reflect on what was accomplished.  Here’s what I had set as an objective last year:
1.  Buy a House. It’s time for Teresa and I to get a permanent address in South Minneapolis (hopefully.)  We will start the formal process of getting a lone [...]

Sleeping Patterns

Recently I’ve been purposefully altering my sleeping pattern to stay up another hour.  In the past year or so I’d been sleeping at least 8 hours and often times 8.5 or even 9 hours. According to the National Sleep Foundation, an adult needs anywhere from 7-9 hour of sleep every night.  That seems reasonable.  Anything [...]

The Year is Flying By

Just woke up and it’s December.
Teresa and I have been trying to finish most of the decorating for the house now, a bit late as we closed in late April.  One thing you’ll learn if you haven’t bought a house is that getting things set up the way you want them invariably is dictated by [...]

Aging Altogether Quickly — Turning 30

A week ago, I hit my thirtieth birthday.
Honestly, that’s a pretty significant milestone.  I’m not one to pay much reverence to 1/365 days in a year, but three decades worth of living deserves some retrospection.
The first ten years of life are really a blur.  You don’t actually start forming memories until roughly five years old. [...]

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