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Finalizing A Professional Deck

The Carlson Consulting Enterprise is a lot of work.  I mean that sincerely.  My first project for this group has been a macro trend analysis for a truly inspirational local nonprofit (actually, almost every project I’ve done so far in business school for RL has been nonprofit work!).  The process that goes into producing our […]

Some Things to Chew On

Here is a bevy of topics happening.  It’s late, so bare with me. There are a ton of bloggers I read but can’ t fully appreciate.  Reason being that they don’t write about an issue or idea in a way that gets me wanting to write about it too.  If something is well written, it […]

The Digital Divide Initiative & Raspberries

A big reason that new projects and working opportunities are the raspberries.  Have you ever gone raspberry picking?  It’s a lot of fun and recommended for a great afternoon with young relatives. As you pick raspberries something funny happens.  You think that you’ve gotten all of them.  You spend a long time working at a […]

The What and The How

Rusty.  Feeling a bit out of practice.  Especially while attacking a completely new and large project for the most recent escapade in my professional career.  Rust is OK, mind you.  Rust just means things will take a little longer.  Yet as we know, it’s alright when some things need a bit longer, good things take […]

The Value of Labor

I am already bored at home.  Normally, reading and writing would be occupying my time, but getting home has slowed me down and relaxation has been the main activity.  I miss working a lot; it’s quite odd how the theoretical is less intriguing to me than the actual work associated with a marketing department.  That’s […]

A Cognizant Failure (Marketing via Facebook)

I write this in lieu of actually studying managerial finance, which excites me to no start. Recently, I started a grassroots marketing campaign for the MA Fund (you’ll notice you can now donate via Paypal online) in order to attempt to garner seed money for our initial loan.  As with many non profits, our budget […]

Microfinance Fund Flyer

New flyer…in my other life I was a graphic designer, tragically found passed on after an ear laceration. Once again, please consider a donation to the fund!

I Desperately Need Your Help With This

Over the last month or so, I’ve been working behind the scenes with some very cool, very caring folks from around Carlson on a new project.  The Microfinance Alliance is an organization oriented around education and promotion of microlending.  At first, I went to a few meetings in order to get involved with some new […]

New Gig and Whatnot

Good news, I got an internship from the University of Minnesota!  I’ll be handling the marketing for the Office for Business and Community Economic Development.  That is neat.  It’s funny, I spent the last three years working for a promotional company and now all of a sudden everything I’m doing marketing wise is for non […]

Microfinance Alliance

I’m undertaking a project with some really incredible people at Carlson who run the Microfinance Alliance.  It’s exciting to get behind a project for an organization that is centered around altruistic intentions. MA is a relatively new club at Carlson and they are centered around promoting microfinance holistically at the local and international level. Do […]

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