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Garage Insulation + End of Summer

Dog days of summer came, lay on the floor for a bit, and are slowly getting up and out the door. The cooler weather has begun to grace our presence, and it’s an excellent time of year.  With that cool weather comes the ability to do a few house projects, this year now that the […]

Project Work Continues

Still keeping very busy on weekends, this week reorganizing the garage. First up was building a new work bench. The previous owners (probably the owners before the previous owners) took out old cabinetry from the kitchen and used it in the garage as shelving, which was clunky. I tore it all out last weekend and […]

Flooring Project Finished

Well, it was about 5 months in the making.  But we finally redid the flooring upstairs.  And by “we” I mean we paid for it. Unique Flooring here in Bloomington handled the project, who subcontracted Josh’s Hardwood Flooring.  If you’re looking for a great company to work with, I’d recommend both.  Winston at Unique is […]

You Don’t Get to Yes Before Getting to No

It’s not a law.  Sometimes, people will buy from you or accept your idea or go on a date with you right off the bat.  But most don’t. This is an important axiom precisely because it is largely ignored by anyone not in sales.  Sales people are pretty damn smart.  They know that the amount […]

Google Analytics Is Up & Running

In my prior life, I ran the marketing department for a smaller promotional product company (top line 5mm).  I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever learn as much about something again in my life.  Any possible aspect of marketing had potential for us, as long as it wasn’t a huge advertising campaign with huge spend, […]

Time To Grind, Half Way There

The last month or so every weekend has been filled up with some sort of travel or activity, which was a blast.  Summers are often like that, it’s difficult to find a weekend when you’re actually home and able to get some things done. My internship is half way complete, and generally speaking, I feel […]

"When I Get Out Of School"

It seems that I’m always thinking or saying that statement lately.  Part of it is my penchant to plan things out in the long term, part of it the time and resource constraints held on you over attending a full time program.  Plans are always going on in my head.  Business plans, life plans, etc. […]

Community Service

The idea of giving back and helping out the communities you live in has interested me for some time, mostly since getting out of undergrad.  Building small things into big things is the whole idea behind my career, and many ways my life.  At least that’s what I aspire toward.  It’s not always easy, but […]

Back to Work

And loving it.  The 40 (actually 50+) hour work week is different than school, but in a good way.  There is much more of a cadence and normalcy to the real world, it fits me.  The internship has started off well, the company I work for has been incredibly gracious to all of us and […]

Eating Healthy Is Expensive

I’ve been doing spring cleaning out the body, working out a decent amount and getting some decent amounts of cardio in too.  I use a pull up bar and do pushups in the morning and at night, now I’m ordering a sit up mechanism that sits on your door, we’ll see how that works out.  […]

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