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Lack of Cogency

In the last six months or so, it’s struck me how few new ideas or thought patterns have been developing in my head.  I’ve got it narrowed down to a few reasons:

1.  Work.  Being busy and having a lot to do are a constant, but there is more to this.  There is a ceiling on [...]

For Profit Organization Effects On Society

With the recent discussion of Amazon and the biosphere they want to build, I’ve been thinking a lot about how for-profit organizations contribute to society and asking a few questions too.  What are they obligated to do as community stakeholders?  Where do they draw the line?  How do their actions contribute to business success?
We live [...]

Honeymoon in Costa Rica: Off the Grid for 2 Weeks

Tomorrow morning Teresa and I are heading to Costa Rica for two weeks to celebrate our honey moon.  We got married July 27th and didn’t do a lot after.  After all, Minnesota summers are great on their own, it’s not a good time to leave.
While there, we won’t have internet access or phone access unless [...]

Paying for Leadership

When you look at salaries of many professionals, especially people at the top rungs of the organizational ladders, it can be eye opening and somewhat hard to swallow.  Especially for folks in the lower or middle of the pack when it comes to income.  Growing up, the idea that someone could be paid millions of [...]

The Conscious Mind

I watched a few Youtube clips last night and they hit on some themes that I’ve touched on previously here. If you have the time, watch them:

What the speaker is discussing is the ongoing way we live our lives and contemplate them, day in and day out. David Foster Wallace wrote [...]

Stanley Kubrick on Life

I try to stay away from this, under normal circumstances. This is a post of a repost, from a site I’ve been reading called Brain Pickings. It’s really eclectic and I’ve read a good amount about writers and things that I’m particularly interested in. If you like writing and literature, you should [...]

Happiness Starts Today

For a long time now, I’ve been trying to live by the idea that “happiness starts today.”  Quite a few years back I ran into a really tough part of my life that made a lot of things seem quite difficult.  It took me a long time to shake that feeling.  It was an effect [...]

The Difficulty of Giving (To Me)

I turned 29 on Thursday.  It was a pretty good day overall, did a lot of fun stuff and spent time with my fiancee and a few others.  I didn’t take the day off.
People really seem to freak out about birthdays.  As though being a certain age signals the end of something great.  Conversely it’s [...]

Shifting Perspective: New Tools in the Tool Belt

I was speaking with a student yesterday who brought up that his internship wasn’t really what he wanted and not all that much fun.  This student was kind of disenchanted and wondering if he had made the right call on a few things.
The truth is that not everything is a lot of fun, but it [...]

Immanuel Kant, Like a Boss

Posts have been incredibly light this month. Basketball and other things taking up time.
Just wanted to take this moment to point out that, the Categorical Imperative is my center of thought on what is or isn’t “ethical.”
Too lazy to click and read?  You’re in luck!
The basic idea is that you shouldn’t do things unless [...]

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