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HALP! Why Smart People Ask for Assistance

People often confuse asking for help as a sign of weakness, when it’s actually a sign of strength.  Far too many people would rather do a subpar job at something on their own in some vestige of ability than do a compelling job in coordination with someone else. Many are scared to ask for help because […]

The Doucherati

I was reading this post on personal branding (via Scripting) and read a comment on the bottom saying: “I had my 15 minutes of internet fame once, and was invited to speak at various conferences. I turned them down out of fear of becoming one of the self-promoting, personal branding #doucherati.” Laughed at that, think […]

Everyone On Earth Will Lie To Your Face

…when they think it’s the truth. There are a select few who would do that when they know it isn’t.  There are more who would do it when they aren’t sure but want to be right.  Then there are those who wouldn’t take the chance. Marketers are all of these. Which kind are you?  Chances […]

Edit….Removed Post

Edit:  Had a post up about a thoughts on loyalty from a prominent web entrepreneur, but have been asked to take it down due to exclusivity.  I’ll be posting a more thorough thought process on loyalty and ambition sometime soon. Thanks and my apologies to the original writer.

Do Yourself a Favor, Take Charge of a Situation While You Can

A lot of people have aversion to new tasks (well, any kind of change, but especially change with new responsibility.)  That aversion becomes infective around groups.  So when someone asks if “does anyone want to fill the water cooler quick?”  or “Would you mind taking a trip to Raleigh for two days to work with […]

Hidden Skill

Certain competencies and abilities are very visible.  Being able to dunk a basketball is quite demonstrable.  So is solving an advanced math problem or playing a Bach concierto.  They are rulers.  If you can you can, if you can’t you can’t. There are other skills that are not so easily seen.  These skills are not […]

The Problem with Being Your Own Brand

A Brand Called You got this all started.  The internet blew it up.  There are thousands upon thousands of people today who are seeking to build a brand through a website and monetize it based on their thinking or selling something of their own.  I personally feel it’s an amazing aspiration and hope genuinely for […]

Shotguns, Lighthouses and Online Personal Branding

I’m amidst a constant whirlwind of having too much to do and a breath in between now.  This is the life of business school, constantly fretting and realigning work to be done. But during Pricing class (very good, btw) I started thinking about omnipotence and personal branding.  If you watch the tech space, which seems […]

Ignore Everybody And 39 Other Keys to Creativity

Hugh Macleod is a good read, both online and in print.  His new book is called Ignore Everybody, and it’s premised on the keys to being creative. Hugh’s story reads a lot like a web 2.0 fairytale.  He started writing cartoons on the back of business cards a long time ago.  All of a sudden, […]

Getting Smart

In my estimation, there are two ways to be really good at something, learning about a subject in a formalized setting or just going out and doing it. The latter trumps the former in most situations. The issue is that any shmuck off the street can’t necessarily just jump in and do a lot of […]

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