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Should I Nix the Comments on this Blog?

I see a lot of bloggers without comments sections now.  I am considering getting rid of comments for a few reasons. First off, people don’t really comment here all that often.  I haven’t really tracked my traffic for sometime, but when I last did it was around 30 hits a day.  Definitely nothing earth shattering, […]

Why are there so few blogs worth reading around MN? Or am I blind?

I love Mpls. And Minnesota in general. I’ve worked and gone to school here in Minneapolis since getting out of SCSU in 2005. It’s a great place to live with a ton of really smart and funny people. But… I was looking at my blogroll and thinking why all the really interesting stuff I read […]

Small to Big

I’ve pointed to Seth more than anyone else, for good reason. Here’s another one. Regarding marketing, yes you have to do the small campaigns before the big. I used to do 600 piece mailers with my own copy (don’t forget the PS!), sell sheet and envelope design, all by hand and deliver them down to […]

Adios El Jobso: Reinvention

Just a month ago or so, I wrote a goodbye to Steve Jobs.  He had left Apple, for good within the daily operations and would only be part of the board. Tonight, I was watching CNN en espanol, and saw the words “Steve Jobs Murio” on the bottom of the screen.   I thought it […]

Adios, El Jobso

I am a very big fan of Apple and Steve Jobs.  So when he stepped down this last week, I was actually pretty sad.  It’s a big thing for marketers and fans of tech companies in general. I know it’s somewhat trite to write about him at this point.  His legacy has probably already been […]

Chino Latino QR Codes

They are already getting just what they wanted.  Tons of exposure and a lot of questions from people without a clue.  Chino Latino has started a campaign centered around QR (quick response) codes, which open the door to additional web hosted content.  How do they work?  A smartphone application scans the code and brings the […]

The 4 Month Settle

Four months at the new job and things are changing…most for the better.  There comes a familiarity with time where people understand you and your personality, your strengths and weaknesses and how you fit.  It’s good to fit, for the most part, but there are times when fitting in really costs you or your company.  […]

In Search of Excellence

Tom Peters and Robert Walterman Jr. wrote this, one of the most acclaimed business books in existence in 1982 after the former McKinsey consultants had spent a monumental amount of time and money globetrotting to speak with successful organizations in order to discern how they got to such great heights. The book focuses on eight […]

But Because Seth Is Seth

I don’t normally just link to another post and talk about it, but because Seth is truly inspirational to me and other marketers, this deserves credence. Good at Talking vs. Good at Doing. This absolutely epitomizes the transformation of what I thought marketing was as a child and what it became once I started working […]

Great Customer Service

It is remarkable how few companies really get it and have people that get it too.  But I just had a great experience because of one person and it will likely keep me as a customer for a long time. My internet connection at home is decent, but kind of poor.  As stated previously, the […]

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