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Happy New Year! 2020 Resolutions

Well, it’s that time of year.  A time for reflection and thought.  This year we went to the Dominican Republic for NYE and spent a week in the sun with our daughters and a few friends and their family.  It was quite nice to get away for a little time, which I spent thinking about […]

Time Passes Slowly: Human Consideration of Time

The other day while dropping Juni off at daycare, an important thought struck me.  Much of my life, I’ve wondered at how we experience time.  Large periods of time seem to have passed very quickly when considering how long they’ve been, however on a day by day basis, time is at a very deliberate pace.  […]

Thinking Fast and Slow

Daniel Kahnemen wrote this book published in 2011 and it is the best business book I’ve ever read.  Only it’s not really about business.  It’s about humans and how we think. This book’s many, many lessons on human thinking, heuristics, fallacies and ideas are mostly premised on two “systems” of human thought.  System 1 is […]

Mobile Internet and PC Browsing

Yesterday I was reading a slide deck on via Business Insider that pointed out some really interesting things.  A lot of the statistics are from Internet World Stats.  I was unaware of this site until yesterday, but it’s a really valuable resource.  If you like to get more information about internet usage, you might want […]

What Will You Change This Year? How Will You Grow?

I have a few aspirations this next year. The first is my weight, I’d like to get back to a 165 lb. or so. Less than that is fine, but I think that would be where I should be. Health is a really large aspect of life and it’s time to set my life straight […]

The Difficulty Associated With Scale

When a business just gets started, it has to change very quickly just to survive.  Most companies start and almost immediately begin to see if the product/service they are creating has value and if they can pay their bills on time…or if change is necessary.  Change is actually always necessary, but more on that in […]

Wait, Why Do I Write This Stuff?

Just finished the last post and it dawned on me that it likely seems quite strange that I’d write these things.  After all, why not just link to an article that, um, articulates these points in a much more thorough and thoughtful manner?  Why not bow to the experts? A few reasons: 1.  I can. […]

Is Money A Commodity?

Well, actually, by definition, money is a commodity. That’s why it was developed in the first place, to combat the inability to trade unlike skill sets or goods in barter. But the idea that money is a commodity and can go up in value or down in value caught me off guard. It’s yet another […]

Where is Social Media Going?

I had an odd thought today, what if I was the last user of Twitter? What if everyone left Twitter over the course of a few years ala MySpace (yes I know it still exists and people are there…but you get it)?  I don’t think Twitter is going away and I don’t think Facebook is […]


When people have something or someone that they like better than anyone else, they often don’t choose them based on being the absolute best, even if they are. Think of your favorite sports athlete.  Your favorite movie.  Your favorite pair of socks. You’ll find that in many situations, it’s not the actual utility of the thing in […]

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