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Mobile Computing

It’s been a long time now that I’ve expected mobile computing to take over the desktop computing platforms.  There’s always going to be a desktop platform (or at least some version of it) as it’s so helpful to have large screens for analyzing data.  I use two wide screens at work, usually have multiple Excel […]

Time for a New Phone

I have had my iPhone 4 since the Fall of 2010.  That actually kind of blows my mind.  The phone has been pretty poor for the last two years, the hardware doesn’t work properly as the home button is pretty well broken.  Luckily you can put a digital home button on the screen, which I’ve […]

Setting My Parents Up with A Computer

My parents retired this year.  My dad much earlier in the year and my mother a little over a month ago.  They are trying to keep busy, and seemingly doing a pretty good job of it with house projects.  They still live in the house I grew up in and there are quite a few […]

The Big Screen: Coming To Hands Near You

My friend has an EVO and with a very large screen.  It’s pretty cool and although it’s bulky, I could probably get used to it.  I think for gaming and media consumption, a broader larger screen adds a lot for consumers.  We are just getting to a point where more and more will be consumed […]

The New iPhone Hardware

…was an intentional leak.  Of course, I’m not in the know on this, but there are really only two options, intentional and unintentional. Thought the latter is of course possible, it’s likelihood is slim. The good reason for intentionally doing it is that Apple is slightly worried about the new Verizon Android phones (the incredible […]

iPad…Not Now, But Perhaps In The Future

I’m not against tablet computers.  In fact, I can see a lot of value in their flexibility.  Being able to watch a tv show, go over a presentation with a potential buyer, create smaller scale documents and browse the web in something small that fits into a briefcase actually sounds very nice. A quick disclosure, […]

Starcraft 2 Beta!

I have a friend who is a developer at Blizzard-Activision and he just gave me a key for the Starcraft 2 Beta.  Starcraft was the only PC game I ever really got into as a kid, I spent tons of hours playing and it was one of the most popular video games of all time. […]

Interactive Television

It’s not too far away.  Technically it’s already here, but soon the integration of televisions with computers will be a built in feature. I’ve been toying with getting a Mac Mini for my 42″ LCD TV at home for a while now.  Today, I simply plug in my parallel port on my laptop to the […]

Finally Got Google Chrome (Mac)

Read this article today denoting how Chrome is the way of the future.  I’d been waiting to try out Chrome for some time and now I have it.  There doesn’t seem to be much in terms of increased functionality, though searching in the URL bar is kind of a nice feature, still Firefox allows you […]

Initial Thoughts on iPad

It’s not something I’d buy today.  Granted, I just purchased a very nice and functional ASUS EEE which has thoroughly enamored me.  There just isn’t enough email functionality there.  Browsing seems much more advanced than the iPhone, but what is it really giving beyond that?  I have iTunes on my netbook and don’t really use […]

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