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New Gig — Keeping Busy

About three weeks ago I started a new role at the same company.  I’d been working at the former role for three years and it was a good time to take on new challenges.
This new role is much more product focused, as opposed to the service orientation of my last business.  That fact means there [...]

Spam Overtaking Redmarketer

There’s way too much spam on this site.  I have to go through and delete it every few days and it’s not really worth it.  I think I’m going to disable comments on the blog.

Sun, Rest and Food: Day 12

Lots of sunshine, in fact, I’m getting pretty reddish now.  Today was another day of rest and relaxation.  We are basically taking two days not do much of anything.
That’s actually harder for me than it sounds.  I struggle to stay in and not DO something.  I don’t recall when I got this way.  Nowadays, I [...]

Pale Blue Dot

Here’s an animation of Pale Blue Dot, from the one and only Carl Sagan:


This is just sad.  Of course there are plenty of other things we spend on that are every bit as frivolous.

Off to Sconny

Another bachelor party for this weekend.  Going to enjoy some time on the lake with a friend from school and relax a bit before my big day next Friday.  There’s still plenty to finalize for the wedding, but overall it seems to be under control.  I’m lucky in that Teresa has handled most of the [...]

Boston’s Swan Song

I watched the first three quarters of the Boston/Heat series and have to say that it seems Boston’s time has finally come.  My favorite player, Kevin Garnett is still playing very well on both ends of the floor, but the other two members of their aging triumvirate are not really doing a lot.  Additionally, the [...]

Back from Winnipeg

Propaghandi was rad!  Got an awesome new shirt.  Also had two trips of 8+ hours.
Next time, we fly.

A Cognizant Failure (Marketing via Facebook) REPOST

Editors note:  I found this as one of my last writings before moving to a new domain.  It was written in 2008.  Figured I’d repost for fun.

I write this in lieu of actually studying managerial finance, which excites me to no start.
Recently, I started a grassroots marketing campaign for the MA Fund (you’ll notice you can [...]

Out of Practice

I’ve been stressed out lately.  There are a lot of good reasons to be stressed as of now:  planning a wedding and doing many of the activities associated, setting off a major launch at work, classes outside of work etc.  Conversely, there’s NEVER any real reason to get that stressed about things, it’s really a [...]

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