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Interest in Teaching Long Term

For a few years, I’ve been mentally considering the idea of teaching in 15 or 20 years.  This is a long term idea that has really stuck with me for whatever reason; here are the main reasons why: 1.  I had a handful of good Marketing and business teachers, the ones that were truly great […]

Forgotten Things

Oh those forgotten things. Forgotten and remembered today. While up at the lake for Thanksgiving I forgot the McCarthy trilogy I’d been reading in Alexandria, Minnesota with about 50 pages left.  So that’s on hold.  I also forgot my extremely warm winter vest in Cloquet, Minnesota. In the mean time I’ve started rereading a classic […]

Wild Wild West

I’ve been reading Cormack McCarthy lately, and he’s a truly impressive writer.  And he’s writing about Texas/New Mexico after the turn of the 20th century.  It’s positively engrossing. In addition to that, I picked up a video game called Red Dead Redemption, which is centered around the old West.  So it’s wild, wild west here […]

Youthful Thinking

In Lake Wobegone, there is a very interesting passage from Keillor.  I’m uncertain I can find it, but here is a paraphrased remembrance:“We knew that we had to do something as a class before we graduated.  We knew that once we were out that we would no longer be special, that we would become like […]

Upcoming Releases

Okkervil River:  The Silver Gymnasium Neko Case: Worse Things Get, Harder I Fight, Harder I Fight, More I Love You Deer Tick:  Negativity Volcano Choir:  Reprave Arctic Monkeys:  AM Bill Callahan:  Dream River Chvrches:  Bones of What You Believe Willie Nelson:  To All The Girls RJD2:  More Is Than Isn’t Avett Brothers:  Magpie and Dandelion […]

Injuries — A Telltale Sign of Age

I am old.  No getting around it now. I’m nursing a stubbed finger nail, a recently sprained lower back and a wrist that will not heal from doing pushups.  The fact that my back went out trying to lift an all to heavy old water softener my old man convinced me to help him with […]

New Gig — Keeping Busy

About three weeks ago I started a new role at the same company.  I’d been working at the former role for three years and it was a good time to take on new challenges. This new role is much more product focused, as opposed to the service orientation of my last business.  That fact means […]

Spam Overtaking Redmarketer

There’s way too much spam on this site.  I have to go through and delete it every few days and it’s not really worth it.  I think I’m going to disable comments on the blog.

Sun, Rest and Food: Day 12

Lots of sunshine, in fact, I’m getting pretty reddish now.  Today was another day of rest and relaxation.  We are basically taking two days not do much of anything. That’s actually harder for me than it sounds.  I struggle to stay in and not DO something.  I don’t recall when I got this way.  Nowadays, […]

Pale Blue Dot

Here’s an animation of Pale Blue Dot, from the one and only Carl Sagan:

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